Call for Papers

The conference provides an international forum for researchers to report their latest innovations, summarize state-of-the-art in the field, as well as exchange ideas, results, and visions in all fields of information and network technology research and applications. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:


Advanced Information Systems and Data Management
Advanced Computational Science and Applications
Advanced IT Medical Engineering
Advanced Management Information Systems and Services
Artificial Intelligence
Bio-inspired Computing and Applications
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Computer Security
Data Mining Applications
Expert Systems
Information Retrieval Knowledge Data Engineering
Database & Data Mining
Computer Architecture
Parallel & Distributed Systems
Multimedia & Visual Programming
Human Computer Interface
Virtual Reality Systems
Software Engineering
Neural Networks
Computer Simulation
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Aspect Oriented Software Development AOSD
Pattern Recognition
Hardware Computer Design
Internet and Web Applications
Information Security (Communication Security/Network Security/Data Security)
High Performance Computing and Machine Learning
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems
Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design
Communication Software
Information Technology Application
Network Security 
DSP Algorithms & Architectures

Digital Communication Technology and Development Technology
Data Communications
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Computer Networks & Communications
Internet & its Applications
Computer and Network Security
GIS Technology and Application
5G and beyond Communication Technologies
Advances in Microwave Communications
Wireless Sensors and Ad Hoc Networks
Antenna Design for Advance Communication Systems
Vehicular Communications and Networks
Intelligent Protocols for Communication Systems and Networks
Machine-to-Machine Communications
Communication Networks
Energy-efficient Computation, Communication, and Caching at the Edge
Satellite Communication
Wireless Channels and Cellular Networks
Satellite Navigation and Space Communication
Deep Reinforcement Learning in Intelligent Wireless Communications
Computation and Caching Resources for 6G Wireless Systems
AI-based Network Design and Resource Allocation for Wireless Systems
Communications for Smart Transportation
Optical Communication Systems
Broad Band Communication
Computer and Intelligent Communication
Mobile and Optical Communication
Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks
Information & Communication
Coding Theory
Optical Communications
Modeling and Design of Communication Integrated Circuit
Smart IC Design Techniques for Wireless Communications